Thanks for getting in touch! Here is where you can contact us for support related to any of our games.


Lost your account? We can restore it for you. Shoot us an email letting us know your old account name, and roughly how many cars you had. On the odd chance we can’t restore it – we will still find a way to make you happy again. That’s our promise to you!

Want to play with a friend? You might end up in the same match as a friend (then blow them up), but specifically adding your mates to your game (so you can blow them up) isn’t currently a feature in Crash Club.

When will there be new levels? Well, buying fully grown pine trees and building white picket fences, just so cars can run them over is expensive… but we’re saving. If you want to help us out, you can purchase a Gem pack today!

Can’t shoot? About 5% of male drivers suffer from this dysfunction. However, most of the time it’s because your car simply wasn’t in range of the enemy car. There is a rare issue where your weapon stops working temporarily – we will be fixing this in an upcoming update.

You have some yummy chips and a bird followed you into a shop, flew down and stole them from you! The Stop-N-Go is like this sometimes… your car might still be targeted even when you think you are safe inside that little shop.

Occasionally the crown (the leader) on the minimap goes missing. Unlike King Joffrey, we’re not actually happy this crown disappeared. This is an existing rare issue and we will be fixing it in an upcoming update.

Ads are present so that we can keep saving for those pine trees we mentioned earlier – but the ads will disappear if you decide to purchase a Gem pack.

If you’re experiencing lag or frame drops, you could be suffering from “old device syndrome” or it could be something else that you can let us know about via email.

Just like cheesy stuffed crust pizzas … we’re not sure who likes them, and the devastating Galaxy Gun isn’t going away either.

Occasionally, the game might throw you out because it doesn’t like look of your car. Jokes, your car is probably amazing. If your game does drop out due to connection issues, it will compensate you with the XP and Coins that you missed out on, either before or after your next game.

For help with Land Sliders, please email
For help with Slide the Shakes, please email